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The Interview: Gap Filler # 1

Title: The Interview: Gap Filler #1

As promised, here's the first of the few gap fillers I shall be posting. This was written very quickly, while still fresh in my mind. Just as a warning, this is rather silly and even sweet, but oh well.

As an aside, I highly doubt the song used here was performed, but for the sake of this, it was! :-)

It was less than ten minutes before we'd been set to take the stage of Chicago's International Ampitheatre, but like the others, the last thing on me mind was our show that night; it was the 'Day After John Lennon had to eat His Fuckin' Pride to save Us all', as he'd put it. Diggin' a hand into me pocket, I'd knocked on their dressin' room door before headin' in. As was my habit, I'd managed to both dress meself with more than enough time to have a fag or two...or three with Mal before headin' down the brightly lit corridor.

It'd been unusually sombre and quiet when I'd entered the room, though I'd been greeted with the usual rumble of, "Alright, Liz?" from one of 'em when I'd made me way past Neil. Paul and Ringo were finishin' up a game of poker off to the side and George'd been leanin' back in one of the musard coloured sofas which had lined the walls, guitar on his knee. When he'd caught sight of me, a slow smile had covered his face, and had furrowed his brows playfully in mine direction before lookin' over to another sofa where John'd been sittin', long legs propped on the coffee table in front of him. Without openin' his eyes, John had brought a thinly rolled joint to his lips and took a drag.

It hadn't taken a fuckin' genius to figure out that he was in a sour mood, not that I could blame him -- if I'd had to sit in front of a entire room of fuckin' journalists, apologisin' for a comment that'd been taken throughly out of context, I'd have been in a right sour mood as well. At times like those, the only way to get John out of mood liks the one he'd been in was to rile him enough so he'd blow his top, call you all sorts of foul names so that you were considerin' breakin' a chair over his head, just so's he could get the vitriol out of his system. Even girl that I'd been had not been immune from havin' to deal with the brunt of John's mouthin' off at times, though I was never above givin' back as good as I got.

However, that particular day, havin' only recently gotten on what Johnny boy would later describe as a "love cloud", though with the dark-haired lad with the toothy grin and thick eyebrows sittin' in front of me rather than a shorter Japanese woman who'd had more hair on her head than me fella had on his entire body, I hadn't been in the mood to get John to his boilin' point so the mood could be lightened a bit. 'Sides, I'd known that within hour of finishin' the show, we'd be back at our suite and that Mal would've collected a flock of tall leggy blondes for John to amuse himself with for the remainder of the evenin'.

That'd raise Johnny boys spirits more than I'd felt comfortable ruminatin' on!

"You look right fetchin' this evenin', Mr. Starkey." I'd said to Ringo with a grin when I'd taken note of the rings on his fingers lookin' especially buffed and shiny.

"Quite flash, yeah? Nearly blinded me with the state of his hands he did." Paul had said, givin' Ringo one of his winningnest smiles.

"It's alright, Paulie, no one's takin' yer title as 'The Cute One' away from ya," Ringo had said with a bright grin before lookin' at me with an even brighter one. "Ta very much, Dizzy Miss Lizzy."

"And may I say that your rings are lookin' especially shiny today. Special occassion or somethin'?"

"Seein' as this is our last tour, I figured I should make an effort."

"Well we won't have to worry 'bout anyone bein' able to sees ya, will we?" John had said before he'd sat up, and then had taken a quick drag of his joint before rubbin' in a bit on an ashtray. I'd exchanged looks with both Ringo and Paulie who'd only shrugged a bit before Paulie'd looked over in Mal's direction, obviously havin' a thought similar to mine.

A knock had come on the door seconds later, and within minutes we were makin' our way down another corridor, albeit darker, towards the stage. Pullin' the strap of me guitar over my shoulder, I'd caught the others' bits and pieces of conversation; Ringo chatterin' with Neil ahead, the end of a comment Paulie'd made to Mal which sounded somethin' like "Make sure they have legs up to their arm pits" and castin' a look over me shoulder, oddly enough I saw George speakin' hurriedly to John in a quiet voice as they trailed behind us together: John had been smilin' as had been George.

With a comment which I'd been sure was disparagin' of some sort, John had chuckled a bit before movin' past me towards Paulie, stoppin' to tell us, "Hurry, hurry, hurry, young Liz! Mustn't keep yer screamin' fans waitin'!"

"What's he goin' on 'bout?" I'd asked George when he'd siddled up by me. The distinct roar of the fans was growin' louder and louder with each step.

"Never you mind, lovie luv luv." He'd whispered against my ear and I'd felt his breath teasin' my ear lobe a bit. I hadn't been able to keep me face from feelin' a wee bit hot even while lookin' 'round to make sure we weren't bein' gaped at. We still hadn't really come out in the open with havin' finally taken up with each other.

"Cool it, you randy bastard." I'd said to him with a quirk of an eyebrow and his only reply had been a grin.

"Pot, kettle." His look had been right lecherous and I figured he must've learned a thing or two from Johnny boy over the years. When he'd leaned over to kiss the side of me neck, his breath hot and ticklish against it, he'd been lucky he'd managed to move out of the way quickly enough or else he'd have gotten an elbow in his ribs. He'd chuckled as I'd wrapped me fingers 'round the neck of the guitar and legged it.

The instant we made our way on the stage, the crowd had roared 'round us and deafened us out. In his usual way, Paulie had approached the mic to the delight of the hundreds of screamin' young girls who littered 'round and went 'bout tellin' all how lovely it was to be there and all that. Minutes later, we'd gone into "Day Tripper", my fingers skimming over the frets.

Towards the end of our set, John had approached the mic and went 'bout introducin' the next song we'd be performing. The tension from earlier not as obvious on his face; the blighter looked like he was enjoyin' himself what with that smile on his face and all. Lookin' to my left to Rings, I'd seen the same amused look on his face that I'd imagined was on mine, and I saw him lightly tapping the high hat on his drum as John's voice boomed 'round the Ampitheatre.

"...for our next number we'll be performing a song by the Everly Brothers. George!" This had been news to me, and worried I'd look like a bleedin' idiot up there, seein' as I had no bloody clue what song John was talkin' about, and based on the look that covered Paulie's face, I gathered he didn't know what was goin' on either. John's smile was wide when he looked over his shoulder at us as he and George stood on either side of the mic and then started strummin' a song that I knew we all recognised instantly "'Til I Kissed You".

At least it'd had been a song we'd known!

Never felt like this until I kissed you. How did I exist until I kissed you?

George and John's voices melded together nicely, and sharin' a smile with Paulie as the crowd of fans screamed along, I knew he agreed.

Never knew what I missed until I kissed you, uh huh. I kissed you, oh yeah.

Mmm you gotta a way about you, now I can't live without you.

Gettin' caught up in the fun of playin' a song by a pair that we were all so fond of, I concentrated on my picking and keepin' the hot bright lights out of my eyes. When they were 'bout to hit the bridge that one of 'em would be takin' the lead on, I'd looked back at John and George whose sides were facing the audience as they shared the same mic, and I'd caught George lookin' at me out of the corner of his eye. The smile on his face was wide enough, teasin' enough to make my insides feel all funny and quickly wet me lips which'd gone dry.

You don't realiiiise what you do to me. And I didn't realise what a kiss could be... And the bastard had winked at me.

Mmmm you've got a way about you, now I can't live without you. Never knew what I missed 'til I kissed you, uh huh. I kissed you, oh yeah...

As John and George had finished, the crowd had roared in approval and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. I'd refused to look at anyone for the remainder of the set, and later on as we were makin' out way out of the venue, I'd managed to whack George in the stomach after he'd pulled me 'round a corner to kiss me between soft laughter.

"Mmm, you've got a way 'bout youuuu, now I can't live without youuuu. Never knew what I missed 'til I kissed yaaaa," he'd breathed into my ear, hands tight on me hips. Peckin' the tip of me nose, he'd smiled once last time before turnin' on his heel and pulled us back in to the corridor. Luckily we hadn't been missed, and seein' as we didn't get any knowin' looks thrown our ways, I doubted they'd known what me and George'd been up to only seconds before.

Once we'd been sittin' in the car across from John and George, Paulie sandwiched between me and Rings, I'd been unable to not laugh when a silly-grin wearin' John and George'd started hummin' the song, Georgie lookin' at me quickly with a subtle quirk of his eyerbrow that he knew I found quite naff, and Ringo began tappin' out the beat on his knees.

Never had you on my mind, now you're there all the time...

For havin' had such a shitey day the day before, the evenin' had ended a lot more light-hearted than we'd probably expected. Good memory that.
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